July 10, 2017



As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Ootoya as I stated often that it is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurant I've ever tasted. This Ramadhan month, I went to several breakfasting event with friends. 

I just realized that during fasting month, it is really hard to book a restaurant ya?? We tried to book several restaurant (they can be called as well-known with middle to high price) and the result is... they're all full booked. One of the restaurant staff even suggested to book 1 week before! Omg 😮 And I found other restaurant who accept booking if we transfer down payment and order menu via Whatsapp. This thing is fascinating to me. 

So, as an Ootoya fan myself, I suggest to eat there hoping it can be booked... and yes! We went to Lotte Shopping Avenue that night which is nearest to our office. We sat inside tatami room, a kind of semi-private room and sit 'lesehan' (what is lesehan in English, anyone knows?)

The service is great as usual like Ootoya Lippo Mall Kemang. It was crowded during breakfasting hour at around 6.30 pm but all the waiters / waitresses are paying attention to each guests. They come quite fast every time we asked refill for our ocha. My suggestion when eating at Ootoya is to order it in set package and not a la carte, since they serve it with miso soup, rice, and pickles / vegetables :)

Shiokohji Salmon 
IDR 117,000 | 4.0 / 5
It is grilled salmon, marinated with fermented rice salt as stated in the menu. Served with rice, miso soup, pickles, and small plate of a kind of radish. I just know that they have choices of rice like seaweed rice, salty fish rice, etc. Interesting!

June 30, 2017



Today's review is about Nanami Ramen. I went here at the 2nd floor of Teras Benhil, a kind of food court building in Bendungan Hilir located near Pasar Benhil. I used to live at Benhil for around 2 years during college and this place is just a couple of meters away from my place. I usually walk there with a friend and often eat here. But please be noted, the parking area in Teras Benhil is really small so be prepared if you go by car. 

Nanami Ramen is a good choice if you're around Benhil area and want to eat halal Japanese fusion food. They have ramen and rice here also with hot and cold ocha. The place is pretty good for lunch and dinner, also to have casual meal with friends. During lunch hour, you'll see many Jakarta office worker having their quick lunch here as Benhil is located near Sudirman office area.

Tori Nambandon
IDR 44,545 | 3.0 / 5
The presentation is good 💓 It is basically rice, topped with sliced crispy fried chicken and tartar sauce along with a few sliced chili and leek. It's like a donburi crispy chicken with tartar sauce. I didn't expect much from this because the restaurant itself named 'Nanami Ramen' so they specialized in ramen. But overall, this is pretty good! The chicken is okay - cripsy and tender enough at the same time - though there is room for improvement for the sauce. 

June 29, 2017



Today's post is about Dapoer Ciragil. Found out about this restaurant about a year ago through Zomato, I got discount voucher to eat here last year so I went there with my parents and sister. Overall, the place is quite small but the smaller it is the more homey it feels like, isn't it? Dominated with wood material and cozy like Balinese-Javanese ambiance, Dapoer Ciragil is perfect if you're looking for Indonesian food with still affordable price. They have ketoprak, sop buntut / iga, semur daging, accompanied with es kopyor, es cendol, to soda gembira! 

They also have Poffertjes here, a traditional Dutch mini pancake, reminds me of the Indonesia-Netherlands relationship from long time ago. There are still traces of Dutch influence here in Indonesia, from the language, people, architecture to food. Such as restaurants and cafes inspired by its colonial history. Maybe, Dapoer Ciragil is one of them. :)

We went there in the afternoon around 2 pm and the place is quite full being busy by lunch hour. We ordered:

Ayam Betutu + Nasi + Pelecing + Sambal Matah 
IDR 45,000 | 4.0 / 5
It taste good! Rice with chicken (ayam betutu) served with sambal and fresh 'lalapan' vegetables + onions. But my suggestion is, if you want more authentic Ayam Betutu you should go to Balinese restaurant. There are quite a lot of Ayam Betutu restaurants here in Jakarta. 

Nasi Goreng Special 
IDR 36,000 | 4.0 / 5
Nasi goreng is the way if you're not sure what to order, yum!

June 20, 2017


UPDATED (June 20, 2017)

(December 18, 2014)

Yeay! Finally, Umaku opened their branch at Kota Wisata. It took like forever and I can't believe they opened it near my house. Now, I don't have to go all the way to Citra Gran just to buy these yummy sushi :D :D


Pizza Hut in my opinion is still the best pizza restaurant that is perfectly suitable for family, friends, or even your own self (girl gotta satisfy herself with a big pan of pizza yo) I've tried several pizza places but my heart and taste still goes to Pizza Hut. Honestly, we all have tried Pizza Hut at least once, right? Usually it started when you're a kid and your parents bring you to enjoy pizza and Italian fusion cuisine.. well at least it happens in my family and surroundings hahaha.

I can't even count how many Pizza Hut branches I've been to. Hmm.. Let's count.. Pizza Hut Bekasi, Cibubur, Green Garden, Pancoran, Bendungan Hilir, all the way from the West to East! All I can say is that all the menus I've tried never fails.. all delicious and innovative and I have to mention that their menus are really tempting and beautiful! (I have a thing for good layout) Shoutout to the people behind their menu design, hire me plz haha.

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