June 20, 2017

Umaku | Kota Wisata

UPDATED (June 20, 2017)

(December 18, 2014)

Yeay! Finally, Umaku opened their branch at Kota Wisata. It took like forever and I can't believe they opened it near my house. Now, I don't have to go all the way to Citra Gran just to buy these yummy sushi :D :D

Pizza Hut | Indonesia

Pizza Hut in my opinion is still the best pizza restaurant that is perfectly suitable for family, friends, or even your own self (girl gotta satisfy herself with a big pan of pizza yo) I've tried several pizza places but my heart and taste still goes to Pizza Hut. Honestly, we all have tried Pizza Hut at least once, right? Usually it started when you're a kid and your parents bring you to enjoy pizza and Italian fusion cuisine.. well at least it happens in my family and surroundings hahaha.

I can't even count how many Pizza Hut branches I've been to. Hmm.. Let's count.. Pizza Hut Bekasi, Cibubur, Green Garden, Pancoran, Bendungan Hilir, all the way from the West to East! All I can say is that all the menus I've tried never fails.. all delicious and innovative and I have to mention that their menus are really tempting and beautiful! (I have a thing for good layout) Shoutout to the people behind their menu design, hire me plz haha.

May 9, 2017


Hi Guys!

I finally found my ultimate Japanese restaurant. Ootoya — really well-served, well-serviced, and most importantly, delicious! They sell authentic Japanese cuisine and I can say that the taste is one of the best. 

First of all, the menu is really neat with explanation in graphics and words. One of the highlight of the service is they give you hot white towel as soon as you sat on your seat.. quite a help in relieving your tension, and showing their Japanese hospitality. I went there with my friend, the two of us ordered Demi Hamburg and Oyakodon with hot and cold Ocha as drinks.

Demi Hamburg
4.5 / 5 | IDR 114,000 or IDR 89,000 (ala carte)
Demi Hamburg is a homemade hamburg steak with demiglace sauce on a hot stone. Demiglace is a kind of brown sauce comes from French.. so I guess this Demi Hamburg dish is a fusion between Japanese and French? I'm not sure but the point is it's indeed delicious. You can read the whole explanation of demiglace sauce here

My first impression of this dish is, "Wow, it's really big! The portion with the hot stone and all.. Can I finish this chunk of meat without feeling too full?" I didn't expect the dish to come with quite many side dishes. I ordered the package one served with rice, miso soup, potato salad, and vegetables. My big tummy is happy!


4.0 / 5 | IDR 79,000
From what I know, 'don' means rice in Japanese.. But please correct me if I'm wrong hahahaha. Oyakodon is basically grilled chicken with egg on top of rice. Typical chicken rice you'll found in Indonesia, but still well-served with miso soup, a few seaweed, and vegetables as seen in the pictures below.

April 15, 2017



Some of you guys might have been familiar with Samyang noodles. The spicy Korean instant noodles is booming throughout the world, especially Asia where I live. It drives a series of challenge videos on Youtube called 'Samyang Challenge'. I watched several of them and it was mind-blowing! Some of them even added hot chili and cayenne pepper to make it even more spicy. Wow.

Now, have you ever heard of Samyang Kuah? While most Samyang noodles are fried, a few week ago I found out about Samyang Kuah which is Samyang noodles.... with soup! Wowowow hearing it makes me imagine how spicy it might be?? I found out about it from my cousin in Singapore (yea, Indo usually gets the news later... pffft) and she brought it to me! Here's how it looks like:

March 16, 2017


I feel the need to write this. Suddenly, I got an urge, a heavy urge, to write a blog post about this after a long time I've been gone from Blogger. It's like I need a space to spill this thought that has been bothering me since months ago. December, to be exact. The month that 'it' comes. That freaky creature.

These days I've been wondering why... why people are so rude and cruel? It makes them look weird. Like do they don't realize what they're doing? Do they know that their attitude do harm people? Both in words and action? Do they know that words really imprinted through other people's mind and soul? Words are sharp, baby. It can hurt a soul. 

I'm not saying this and indicating that I'm a perfect soul. Nope. I'm as rude as you guys are, but at least I keep it to myself. There are some basic, REALLY BASIC unwritten rules that us human in this world obey. I've read it somewhere and one of those basic unwritten rules in life is not to point out someone's flaw. You gotta keep it to yourself, we are all the same human trying to live this life. Wondering why we are here. Trying to survive this thing called life. 

Please, let's just keep it fair. Let's live life peacefully and don't harm others. What is your purpose? Jealousy? You feel jeopardized? Or you just like to tease people like that in 'your own way' not knowing that it can harm them, or you knew but choose not to care? Well, baby. 

Either that, I'm trying really hard not to find out about it. I'm trying to kill my curiosity and trying damn hard to live my life peacefully, far far away from those kind of toxic people. You should surround yourself with good people that is good for your mental health, life is too short to be with crazy toxic weird people, isn't it? 

By this means, 2017 and so forth will be so challenging, fuck. God bless me.

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